Taking a stroll….

So the other night, Kungfu_Grip and I (ZeRo) decided to take a stroll on the bikes….  We decided to go looking for downed heli’s which we did end up finding.   





Kungfu_grip notices something doesn’t look right about my shadow…. so he gets closer to investigate.



Notice how smooth his shadow is…. now look at mine….  Haha, apparently the shadowing takes priority on your own character…..   



So we find the first downed heli….  After killing off all but one zombie, we move in, and find nothing except…

(1) pair of NVG’s.   We both already have a set, so I grab them and put them in my backpack, to take back to camp in case one of us dies….

We continue on…



We are both cruising along about 40 kph, and I veer slight right, Kungfu_grip veers slight left….

He hits me, my bike slides sideways, throwing me from the bike, I am bleeding, so I have to bandage up….   Road rash, I hate that…

I go back to my bike, and it will not work, it is stuck in the ground….  Gotta love this game.   We are well over 7k from camp… One of us is staying here til the server restarts.    We take a break from riding, and go shoot some zombies in a nearby town….  We were shooting them about 400m out with my M4A3, and his AK-74.   We get low on ammo, so Kungfu_grip decides to log off near the bike, and decide to continue on… not before trying to fix the bike by ramming it…



No luck, so I move on….  Not 100 m from where Kungfu_grip logs off, I spot a second downed heli….

I make it there, and notice

(2) FAL AN/PVS-4


(1) M249 SAW

(3) 200 rd ammo
(20) Stanag clips

(10) Stanag SD clips


It takes me two trips, but I am able to grab everything except 1 200 rd belt, as I am leaving I see a survivor heading towards me, so I book it out of there….

I take a trip the next day (8/7/12) and get shot at near Stary, make it all the way east, and somehow battleeye stops responding, so I get disconnected…. Upon reconnection, my bike is missing….  So now I will be looking for my bike when I log in next…. If you find it, and want to return it, I will reward you.   

Until next time



p.s. These pics are from Kungfu_grips pc, I haven’t uploaded mine yet.

About ZeRo

I am a gamer, a drifter, and I work in tech support.... Nothing else is important.
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