Why you never fire a FAL in town….. and other stuff that happened tonight.

Ok so tonight, we switched the server over to a Veteran server…. I left crosshairs on, as well as 3rd person… namely because zombies are erratic, and I like being able to shoot from the hip, and evade them easier.


I started off the night running from where I had camped, and finding the first downed heli near Gorka.   I loot a couple FAL mags, a M107 mag, as well as a pair of NVG’s.

I run a ways and end up finding a Jeep, missing 4 tires, red engine, red hull, no windscreen, and no fuel…   It had gear in it though, so I took it all out and ran it to my camp…. after 5 trips, Hatchet-Man shows up, and helps carry the last little bit….


We decide its time to go get Bainn, he was helped for a while by some guys in the Balota airfield…. Thanks whoever you were, I thanked you globally, you should post your in game names on here if you read this….. Our friend Bainn still died, but he lasted quite a while longer thanks to you two.

Bainn respawns in three valleys, Hatchet-Man and myself (ZeRo) head towards him, and come across this


At this crash, we find 4 Fal’s, and a M107.   I take all the FAL ammo, and another M107 mag.  We continue the journey.   We meet up with Bainn, and decide to hit the Polina supermarket….    We make it into town after aggro’ing a few zombies, and fill our packs with loot…. I decide its time to leave and make a bad mistake…. I shoot the FAL…

Needless to say, I aggro’ed the entire town, and they kept respawning…. endlessly, they came at us… luckily I had 9 mags for the FAL….




They kept coming….  We eventually make a run for it… as we are heading out of town we split up….  We see the zombies forming a line out of town


As we all group back together, we run out of town….


We are safe for a while, so we decide to head back to the Jeep to show it to Bainn


If you look at the kills in the first picture, then look at the kills in this picture… I almost had 100 zombie kills in the supermarket…. that is CRAZY….

Eventually we get bored of playing with it, and leave…. We make the long trek back to camp and log off for the night…

Strangely we had no run ins, so nothing really exciting, but we had fun… I will post the video of us fighting off the endless horde next….

About ZeRo

I am a gamer, a drifter, and I work in tech support.... Nothing else is important.
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4 Responses to Why you never fire a FAL in town….. and other stuff that happened tonight.

  1. I have an eerie feeling your camp is close to mine…

    • ZeRo says:

      Unless you see where I put our tent, you might be further than you think. We learned the hard way early on…. Never post a picture of your camp on your blog. We lost our tractor and V3S with a ton of gear due to that simple mistake. Won’t be posting that again. That being said, if you do find it, take gear if you must, but be a nice guy and leave some stuff for us lol….

  2. ^>^ I wont do you like that buddy. I do love the fools on reddit who post their camp location. it just takes a little player lookup to find em and *ahem* TAKE EVERYTHING!

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