First night on the new server. Brought to you by

Well I have to give props to .  Ordered a server, and within 24hrs the server got the green light.  Server is US1675, check the post previous to this one for the link.   Server seems to run awesome with a few people on it.  No real deaths to speak of tonight….  so I will just post some pictures. 

DayZ – US1675 ( (Regular|3D:ON|CH:ON) –



Crawling around the airfield, I was the first person into the server, so I got first dibs on loot…. All the loot that spawned, was supermarket grade…. so I moved on







If you were the douchebag that ALT-F4’ed after getting shot at by my AS50 in the ATC tower…. You are lucky I didn’t get your name, take your death like a man…..  I hit the glass right where your head was, I was waiting for the blood to flow, but nothing……  Shame, you could have survived and shot at me as the zombies aggro’ed all over my location…. I had my hands full… you had a chance.


Stary seemed pretty surreal…. I’ve never been there during the day…. I spotted the red car, and a white one next to it that was non repairable…..  I had to rush back to the airfield to give Hatchet-Man (formerly known as Matt) a transfusion…. When I returned, the red car was gone…. nice work if you repaired it that quickly….  

We loot the tents where Hatchet-Man finds a MP5, and I find 5 smoke grenades….   We head into town, and in the first townhouse, Hatchet-Man finds a Ghillie suit….  He equips it, and laughs as he knows, blood will surely pour from the edge of his hatchet now…. 

I whine about the fact that the sniper in the group should have first dibs at a ghillie…. He laughs as we continue looting….  2 houses later, I find a Ghillie suit…. I put it on, my Coyote pack hidden from view.  


We decide that we should probably leave town after looting the supermarket, and while heading back, a guy in another Ghillie suit, stumbles as he runs over Hatchet-Man, zombies in tow….  The zombie’s stay with their target, who seeks shelter in the supermarket…..  

We decide its time to leave, and run for the woods outside town…



We replenish our blood, and drink a drink, and then continue on…. We are looking for something mobile…. Not a car that needs repairs like everything else we’ve seen…





So we visit Gorka, and don’t see anything useful, and decide that after running into the woods, that its a good time to log off for the night….   Nothing crazy happened, so I will leave you with a random picture that I missed from last nights adventures…



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8 Responses to First night on the new server. Brought to you by

  1. Are there vehicles in this server? Went everywhere last night, and figured since it was a new server i’d find SOMETHING. Not a bike!

    • ZeRoZ says:

      yes sir there are. If you look at the picture of Stary, you can see the red car there…. I had to run and give my clan-mate a transfusion and it was gone when I got back…. Our clan also found a broken Ural, two broken atv’s side by side…. We stopped and looked for the dirt bikes and didn’t have any luck. Dont give up, we are still actively looking.

      • Finally found a bike ^.^. set up camp, made my home, logged on and everythings gone. I saved it of course. Is the server having stability issues? I’d really love to make this me and my crew’s home server.

      • ZeRo says:

        I don’t think the server has been unstable, though I work 12-8:30pm Monday-Friday, so anything that happens during that time, I cannot control….. We had to do a restart on it earlier today because there was suspicion of a hacker on the server. The server will eventually have set restart times, so keep tuned for that. It is possible that someone has found your camp…. though your tent would be there flattened I suppose….

      • Yehe says:

        i’ve fixed that car twice.. keeps disapearing .. :(
        Also … some one shot at me missed and i went looking 4 u with a thermal gun.. couldn’t find u :(

  2. ZeRo says:

    the server had saving issues…. those should be resolved now considering someone stole the V3S and it hasnt returned with server restarts….. so you should be good there. As far as people shooting at you and disappearing, dont worry, they will fix it in standalone

  3. Dylan says:

    You guys have an excellent server! So far no hacking problems, low ping, and just generally a lot better. Keep it up! (Me and my buddy are always looking for more people to group with us, if anyone plays on this server and would to like to play, skype me @ dylan.streiff


    • ZeRo says:

      Well it seems that the end of this month will probably bring the end of this server in its current state. The glitches with tents/vehicles not saving properly has caused me and a couple of the [GFY] guys to quit playing all together…. In a positive light, we may be starting a Day Z Lingor server here soon, so make sure to keep watching the blog for an update

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