Farewell 391….. On to the next one.


So we started our journey on 7/26 to a new server…. In order to leave the server we were on, we decided it was best to get rid of everything we had there….  So we proceeded to tear down the tents…



It was so exciting

We then proceeded to the supermarket, where we were going to blow up the ATV, and take the supermarket down….





After looting all the gear we could, we left the ATV inside, and all sat at the door to blow it up…. Bad idea

Needless to say, we found a good way to leave the server…..


We join a new server, and run around for a bit, finding gear here and there….  Joe logs off, and we continue on to Cherno…..  As Kungfu_grip and I (ZeRo) are looting a barn, we start getting shot at…  The shooter knocks Kungfu_grip out, and I run into a small shed.   The shooter then comes over to loot Kungfu_grips body without verifying his kill…. big mistake…

  I wait for him to crouch, and shoot him in the head twice…..    Dead…


 I rush over and bandage Kungfu_grip and give him a transfusion…   As we are sitting in the barn we start hearing more shots…  There’s another shooter….    

After a tense 5 minutes, the shooter rushes the barn, Kungfu_grip hits him twice in the stomach…. If the 1911 hadn’t been nerfed… he’d have been dead….  The guy runs to bandage, so we take off… Kungfu_grip needing to reload, and me low on ammo…    

The shooter starts shooting at me…. hitting me once, probably wanting my CZ550 sniper rifle…. I go prone behind a tree, pop out to take a shot, and Kungfu_grip starts shooting him again…. 2 hits…..  Guy goes down, and disappears…  Oh well…..

We bandage up and by then its too dark to see…. We change servers…..

I get sniped 2 minutes into the server, Kungfu_grip heads into the woods…. and stumbles on this…



Loaded with gear, we get all kinds of goodies… while looting, someone spawns in the middle of the camp…. Kungfu_grip takes him out with his new AK Kobra…



We decide we are going to get Matt, who recently logged on… He is heading towards us from Three Valleys….  We make the run, I aggro a zombie and stop to kill it….

As I am looting the zombie for its beans… a survivor runs up next to me, and starts hacking away at me…. missing every time….    I back up, pull up my M4A1 CCO SD and shoot her 4 times….  then put one in her head to be safe….    



After this, we go get Matt to bring him back to the camp we found…   When we get there, the same guy Kungfu_grip had killed earlier, is back, and starts shooting wildly at Matt…. Matt puts a couple shots in his chest, knocking him out…. I see this, and take the final shot… one in his head…. 2 murders for me now…. 


The next day we all decide to meet up north…..  Nothing terribly exciting happened, so here’s the pictures…










About ZeRo

I am a gamer, a drifter, and I work in tech support.... Nothing else is important.
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