Coming soon…. DayZsurvival’s very own Day Z server!

So recently, after all the server issues we have had, with de-sync issues, or crappy admins, we decided that it was time to go out on our own…. We decided it was time to purchase a server that was setup like we like it, and that we could call home once and for all….  You will see it popping up soon, as its hosted by this blog, and

The way I figure it, if you play on our server with us, you may end up being part of the blog…. We may brag about that kill we got on you, or whine about the kill you got on one of us.   The idea behind it is to increase the interaction….  You may see yourself listed on this blog sometime….   ALT- F4’ing is one of our groups biggest hates, so expect that to be dealt with strongly….  We have all agreed to die a noble death…. If you kill one of us, don’t worry, its not going to get you kicked….  If you do it in style, you may end up featured….    So, I hope you guys enjoy the stay, and if you have anything to say about the server, feel free to say it on here…. We are all ears.


p.s. Once I have the finalized name, I will post it on here…. Feel free to keep checking back in for updates.

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About ZeRo

I am a gamer, a drifter, and I work in tech support.... Nothing else is important.
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2 Responses to Coming soon…. DayZsurvival’s very own Day Z server!

  1. docfunbags says:

    When can we expect some server info? My current home is closing shop Friday and I need to move my tent/gear.

  2. ZeRoZ says:

    We will try to have the server information up tonight. I could give the IP now, but it seems we are waiting for a US server #, as we are still listed as Country# right now…. I will be getting in contact with the server provider tonight to make sure we are up well before Friday.

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