We came, we saw, we left with nothing good….

Tonight, we went to the Krastnostav airfield.   It all started with Rage, Kungfu_grip, and myself (ZeRO) spawning at our camp.  Joe was at Devil’s castle, looking for anything that might help before he met up with us.   We all decided that we should meet at the deer stand just north east of Devil’s Castle.


After meeting up, we decided to run back to camp to unload unnecessary supplies.  We needed more inventory space for the trip to the airfield.


After a short trip, we are there…  We all unload gear into our V3S that we liberated from another group.

Once we were done with that, we were off to the airfield.  It was a pretty uneventful run to the airfield, and being 25 squares away from our camp, it took a good 20 minutes to run, with the occasional stop for something to drink and eat.  Short of the airfield, I switched over to my AS50, as I would be covering Rage, and Kungfu_grip, while Joe uses the range finder to provide me with distances.

MAKE SURE TO CHOOSE 720P option… I downgraded the video from 1080P to make the upload much smaller….

After looting the airfield, finding nothing great, we ran back to camp….  All in all, a fun night, but a wasted trip.

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About ZeRo

I am a gamer, a drifter, and I work in tech support.... Nothing else is important.
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