Because Alpha….

I logged in early this morning, and finished the Kamenka route rather quickly, finding very little, besides a M9 SD, hatchet, and 12 slot backpack.  I take off running from the Zelenogorsk supermarket, having no need to continue for weapons.  Joe, Matt, and Kungfu_Grip have an ATV and are waiting for me to arrive, so we can play after work.   On my way to the camp, I stumble upon a helicopter crash.  I deem that the best gun for me to carry is the FAL AN/PVS-4  and I continue my journey.    I run as far as I can, and make it to within 5000 meters of camp, before I have to leave for work.

Ok, so zoom forward to tonight, which was a crazy, crazy night…  It all starts off with me (ZeRo) logging in, to finish the journey to camp.  Matt, Joe, and Kungfu_grip are all in a central camp, though noone is logged on.  I continue my journey to camp with 5000 meters to go.   I get 1600 meters out, and I spot ANOTHER helicopter crash.


I decide to check it out, and it is LOADED with gear.  5-6 guns, morphine, ammo, etc.   I decide to run to camp, get the atv and drive it back.   So I get to camp, I grab the ATV, and rush back to the chopper.   I collect








plus tons of ammo

So I take the ATV back to camp, and park it.  I decide to hit the supermarket again.   I collect some food and drinks, and decide to go look for the bike.  Sure enough, the bicycle was exactly where I left it, when the HACKER murdered the entire server.

I ride the bike back to camp, and meet up with Matt and Joe.   Kungu_grip tries to spawn in, and somehow is killed before he even spawns. He loads back up and is in the debug plains…  No gear, not even a pack.

So he hits the respawn button.  Chernogorsk…. A good spawn, but very far from the group.   He starts heading our way, finding a GPS along the way.   Matt and I decide to take the ATV to the airfield to get gas.


Driving the atv through the dense forest without my trusty gps, is much harder than I remember.  I am driving along when suddenly we hit a dip and ….


Obviously in this picture you see that the ATV is on its side. What it doesn’t show is the fact that both Matt and I were bleeding profusely…  and Joe came to our rescue…. lol, not really, but he did help come get the gear out of the ATV, as we were certain that the ATV was done for.

We return all the gear to camp, and head back to the supermarket on a food run….On our way to the supermarket, Joe loses connection…..   Matt and I continue on…    We spend a great deal of time looting the supermarket, aggroing a zombie or two every once in a while.  Joe finally logs back on, starts looting with us, when suddenly we all start having connection problems.

No message received…  Great, the server crashed!

Kungfu_Grip says “server is still up guys, I am still running”  Meanwhile Joe, Matt, and myself are unable to even ping the server, much less connect.   We have Kungfu_grip check…. He was on the wrong server…. likely the reason his character wiped….

The server comes back up, Kungfu_grip continues to meet up with Joe….

Matt and I spawn in a desloate, barren, wasteland…. not really, but we did spawn in the debug plains, for no apparent reason.


Matt follows behind, as he has his NVG’s still, I am running East…. trying to get back on the map… 1500 m away.

Matt sees something… he stops. I pull out my FAL with night vision and see this


Matt was killing a boar for food….  Good thinking Matt, but we needed to get out of the debug plains….

We eventually make it back on the map, while Kungfu_grip meets up with Joe.  They head to the ATV, and it is now sitting upright, but due to the ATV being on its side, it is now out of gas….  They head to the airfield to try and find gas for it.

Matt and I continue on…. 11000 m away from the camp… we are far west of Zelenogorsk, but we are on our way….  We stop at a gas station after Matt realizes, he has the only Jerry can, and it is empty…. He fills it up, and I take the Jerry can from within the station…   We continue on



During our run, we stumble upon a helicopter crash…. Matt saw it through his NVG’s….

This crash was loaded,  3-4 FAL’s, a Bizon SD, a M14 AIM, a AKM, ammo, bandages, and more that we didnt even have time to look at…. As Matt was rounding the corner of the chopper, he runs into a zombie thinking it is me…. Its not… I can’t see in the dark, so I cant help him, and he dies….. He tells me to take what I can from his gear, because there is no chance he will find his body.


I loot the NVG’s, and a couple other small items, and I continue on…. I am completely loaded with gear, and have no room on my character, even with the 24 slot Coyote pack I picked up earlier….

I am running the route, 8000 m to go

6000 m to go

4000….. I spot another downed Heli….  Im on my own, I can see gear EVERYWHERE, as I am far enough away to not see the grass that blocks my view….

I pass it by, as I have no way to loot this gear….

3000 m to go

2000 m to g…. ANOTHER downed heli…..  really…. of all nights….  I found 3 Heli’s after one server restart…. All the heli’s were fully stocked, as noone else had found them yet….

I continue on….

1000 m to go

at 500 m to go, I can see the torch with my NVG’s and head straight for it….. I fuel up the ATV, and get on…. Kungfu_grip and I retreat back to camp….  Joe having returned to camp and logging out when Matt died and respawned in the East coast…. We finally make it, and we ensure the ATV is well hidden, and log for the night as well…

The plague that is continues to haunt us….   Random server restarts, hackers, and apparently zombies (for Joe) are a big issue still…..  We are alive…. but now we have to rescue Matt from the coast again…. and we need to start finding more vehicles again…. I’m tired of running on foot.

Until next time


P.S. A random building I saw on the trip… I have no clue where it is, as I was running in the dark without a GPS….


Kinda looked like a castle, but I wasn’t near Devils castle or any of the other major ones….  Any clue?

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I am a gamer, a drifter, and I work in tech support.... Nothing else is important.
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